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Shenzhen Xiongcai Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, locating in Design City Shenzhen. As one frontline of financial reformation and technology innovation in China, Shenzhen converges lots of top-level engineers in electronic and other fields. Xiongcai Tech moved into Shenzhen Quanzhi Science & Technology Innovation Park in 2015. It is a characteristic industry park where Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau mainly cultivates intelligent devices, robots and new information technology industries. This park lies in the north-west of Shenzhen, near Guangshen HighWay and has sea, land, air and railway traffic network. This park bases on powerful radiation force of traffic hub to enjoy industry chain resources in Pearl River Delta.


Xiongcai Tech focuses on studying, producing and selling BLDC motor controller. In this field of BLDC motor controller with and without Hall sensor, we have a top-level R&D team with professional technic, rich experience and mature process. The BLDC motor controller products of us have superior performance and stable quality. Xiong Cai Tech has been growing as an R&D and production expert of BLDC motor controller, and striving to be a leader of this field.


Through hard work and constant accumulation, Our product range has covered all industrial specification, and we are one of suppliers with most complete BLDC motor controller specification in China.

Voltage Range: DC1.2V,DC3.6V,DC7.2V,DC12V,DC24V,DC36V,DC48V,

  DC155V(AC80~150V), DC310V(AC180~250V)

Max Current: DC200A (DC50V)

Max Power: 10,000W

Max Speed: 300,000RPM (for high-end aeromodel)

Working Temp: -45~125℃

High Reliability: one of few suppliers with ability to R&D high reliability auto BLDC motor controller.

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